Saturday, May 21, 2016

YATS - Yet Another Thrift Store

This is a random pastor's store. What to know how random? It has a street corner lot full of clothes (lame, I visited ages ago)  and an UBER COOL household junk store on the next block, second store down.

Only churches get away with this kind of stuff.

$10 for the lot

I saw this on my third walk through. Oh my Boda....I am up to seven for anyone counting.

A new Ikea planter because my plants are better dressed than I am! The curious little planter caught my eye...

and when I got home I could almost make out a signature. If its worth something I should probably eBay it instead of filling it with muddy seeds.

and a small pink salad plate which matches our larger green plate. I know I told my husband we're holding out for a jadite kitchen set but the universe wants us to have depression glass instead!