Saturday, May 14, 2016

My FIRST Blenko!

I was sure it was a knock-off but it was 50% off and every time I see Blenko on tv or the internet I get mentally grabby 

To make it worse my husband was convinced this was the Cutter Whiskey mark.

This REAL Blenko was sitting at Goodwill for TWO AND A HALF WEEKS!!!

Update: Not a Blenko but still cool: The search continues!

This Waterford vase was just set out so I paid the full $5.99.

Less than $10 for pristine Blenko and Waterford!? Why do I even bother going to discount stores like Home Goods!?

I also went to a new thrift store attached to a retirement home but it was full of stuff I don't need or want. Well I did want a smaller measuring cup for cooking and this one was .75

I posted an ad on Craigslist and ildly looked at what everyone else was selling....and that is how I ended up with this pristine Calphalon griddle for $10

I'd been eying one of these for about a decade (my internal wishlist is as motlied as it is long) but couldn't justify $40 for something I will hardly use. Now $10? Justifiable!

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