Thursday, April 14, 2016

Inspiration Thursday: Spill Gardens

Isn't "Spill Garden" the cutest term? It entails half burying a pail, pot or random container, mounding the soil in front of it and planting flowers which will appear to "spill" forth. Just look:

This one looks so casual but you know a lot of work went into it - look at that grass! Grass loves growing and interfering

I forget how colorful pansies can be

Wave petunias are so perfect for this

This looks like its part of a rock garden

I'd ditch the host and maybe make the grass closer to the container but its a lovely composition

Does the planter appear to be set in stone? This looks like a professional installation.

This one is definitely in a commercial setting.

Aren't this pot's colors lovely? I hadn't considered a ground cover in a spill pot but it seems like a perfect pairing.

This installation is in Dubai and probably costs more than our house.

I wouldn't like to be the mulcher on this project!

and a last one.

I'd like to find a place for a spill garden in my life. Maintaining it could be incredibly zen or anxiety provoking. Its a quirker!


Alicia said...

Love this post. I'd never heard of a spill garden. Seems as though it would be pretty high maintenance but maybe done in the rock garden you pictured would be pretty and easier.