Thursday, April 21, 2016

Inspiration Thursday: Rocking Hell Strips

Have I mentioned the number of rocks in our backyard? I blame it on crappy soil/lack of worms but  we live off Valley Road so shale is bound to happen. The back corner of our lot is a bit hilly and suspiciously full of rocks. I've never seen anyone else add to the rock pile but every time I find a rock while gardening I toss it on there. Judging by the lack of rocks in our neighbor's yards, they may have been doing the same for the last forty years.

/ end conspiracy

Anyway I revamped our hell strip last September and it held up well. We had a relatively mild winter and only lost one hosta and a mum. They were the center plants and we live on a slope so I wager drainage may have piled up.

I've been thinking of how to dispose of those rocks back there and I think a rock garden may be in order!

I've seen hostas survive in rocks along foundations before so I'm not worried about them.

The plan is to line the sides with large rocks and then fill in the center with smaller ones. Hopefully this stops a Rock-Valanche from rolling down the hill.

Isn't this the most gorgeous hell strip you've seen? Our rocks are much smaller and I don't plan to swap out foliage but still...perfection

Our rocks are kind of like these. I love this landscaping and if we lived on the opposite coast I'd be all over it.

On second thought...chicks and hens do winterize here so I may experiment. My neighbor across the street is trying to plant some on her strip but people walk on hers. We have a fire hydrant out front so no one should be there.

Look at those plants!

I know the other coast is permanently beset by drought but look at what they can grow instead of lawns!

$3.33 at Lowes

Just WOW

I've never seen anything this large for sale.