Thursday, April 28, 2016

Inspiration Thursday: Planter Kits

Since its spring I was browsing Depot and saw this display:

Home Depot sells the kits for hundreds of dollars or you can use the handy pamphlet on the bottom left to figure out exactly what you need. Delivery appears to be a flat $55

Interlocking stones...interlock and apparently require zero skill

Although I imagine this type of stepped combination requires much skill

The corner of our yard is overly slopped, with a makeshift wall behind it and what appears to be homemade drainage. If you ask me the best thing to do is build a square around it

Throw in some compost

and maybe a solar light or two.

Then call it a day.

I want to talk to our contractor about building a square planter at each back corner of the yard because I enjoy symmetry. Our garden could accidentally, wonderfully, unanticipatedly become English!