Sunday, April 24, 2016

First Townwide Sale of 2016

Its way too cold to be hosting a garage sale but I'm always up for poring through one! My aunts and I set out late yesterday so I only picked up a few things and ended up spending exactly $10:

2 Dansk bowls - $6
2 Angels - .50 each
Wii Tennis Racket - .50
Ruffled candy dish - $1.50

Sur la Table pancake set - $1

Gorham anegls - I was going to flip them but now I'm enjoying how delicate they are.

My aunts always point out kitchen stuff.

These remind me of bathroom pans so I was going to pass until I flipped them over and:


I am Talking Vintage and being Vintagely Charming!


Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

Great thrifty finds. Your aunts are good shopping partners. Got to love a good thrifty sale. Thank you for sharing your finds at Vintage Charm.