Monday, March 7, 2016

Oh Home Depot, please label better

Doesn't it drive you crazy when plant sellers don't label their plants/seeds as perennials or annuals? A simple "Hardy to N degree" is sufficient for me!

Instead they wait for me to try and remember anecdotal plant tales, ask the next lost soul or on my phone!

Its March guys, I'm cold and just want to know my bulb investment won't be lost.

Anyway here are some pictures of things I need to look up:

Are these the every-other-year plants? Its a darn good price for this many bulbs.

Very pretty.

I am pretty sure lilies pop up yearly but I was overwhelmed by all the pretty things with insufficient information.

Maybe gladiolus are just cheap

I think these multiply like daffodils

Some to think of it - aren't begonias the late bloomers you have to dig up the tubers for? Pass.

Some things are just generically beautiful.