Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Let's get back into the thrift of things

I know I periodically say this but I want to get back into the thrifting/listing/decluttering/cluttering life. I took a break from vacation recuperation today and visited the Salvation Army where my receipt confuses me. Instead of a price breakdown I will just show a picture of it and let you figure it out yourselves!

Less than $10!? Sold:

What a random mish-mash of stuff - as usual!

You know how they say you should unclutter things from your life which are meant for a Fantasy Life rather than things we actually use? Screw that advice - this is for Future Anny's Epic Backyard BBQS! Or you know - for me to look at happily until I decide to garage sale it one day. Either way - I always wanted one of these.

My dad raises cattle and will like this mug.

Delft for the 'Bay

I pick up these plates wherever I find them. Its one oddball pattern but who cares!?

Longaberger pot holder for my parents, who also raise chickens and roosters.

My Darling Hubby is getting his own office next year so I got him this stein to keep pens or bamboo or something in. Whatevs - he has the super common name you randomly find engraved in stuff. Now the name Anny? That has to be special ordered.

Two random Mikasa plates too pretty to pass up.

I'm still surprised by how much I love pottery like this. I don't normally admire it in photos and don't know anyone with a collection of it but as soon as I see it in a thriftstore:

I try to find a place for it in my home.

So the Pyrex is intended for craigslist or a local sale board and the candle holders are for the 'Bay but the rest is beautiful clutter for me (us).

Relationship Advice for Thrifters: 
If you say stuff you bought is for both of you it makes you sound less greedy and creates a sense of shared ownership. For example - I gifted all the thrifted snowmen to my husband and congratulated him on his lovely collection, which is currently on display. I often tell him how nice it looks and I've never seen someone look so pleased whilst eye rolling!

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Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Wow, what a deal on all your thrifty goodies. Love the drink dispenser! Thank you for linking up your thrifty shopping adventure with Talk of the Town.