Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Its not as if I wanted gold shoes anyway!

Today was my triumphant return to the thrift store! It was nice to hear everyone missed me :D

Gold shoes which didn't fit - $5
Purse - $1.50
Ornament - .25
Book - .10
Medals - Free

I like photo Christmas ornaments and didn't pick one up in 2015 (or maybe I did, its hard to keep track when you thrift and clearance shop a lot). In either case - here's an ornament.

I couldn't pass this up once I saw the record inside. My cousin has a record player AND a 3 year old but he's a boy and this story is girly plus convoluted. I'd even call it lackluster - but I liked the pictures.

Supposedly there was a large donation of new J Crew shoes last week but by the time I came in today there were only two pairs left. These are a smidge tight me so I may pass them down to my cousin.

Do you See the Vintage Charm:


Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

I love to thrift too and enjoy seeing what other folks find. Thank you for sharing your fun finds with us at Vintage Charm.