Saturday, February 20, 2016

Inspiration doesn't just strike on Thursdays!

I'm a tad obsessive - when I have something new I want to know everything about it and what everyone else is doing with theirs. In that vein - here are some air plant pictures to convince you to pick up 1 or 15 the next time you see some:

Did I ever tell you I dated someone who made bonsai trees out of jewelry wire and...stuff? Its too bad I had to break up with him before learning the art because this display is perfect.

Ironically the internet says they shouldn't be kept in the generic glass baubles they're sold in due to lack of airflow. Apparently air is important to plants and this display is the equivalent of fashion suicide.

I appreciate a minimalism but am embarrassingly incapable of executing it. Click here to see mine and ogle the light up crystal tree in the background.

These plants are huge!

This one looks simple but when you think about it - you're spending $20 on plants and sticking them on junk.

Oh minimalists - I want to get all your designs together and create a maximalist home!

This geometric mobile makes me happy.

As does this display - I originally thought they stuck copper pipe pieces unto a knife magnet but they just hot glued them on a strip of leather. Now I want to deconstruct belts and pipe...

...and acquire more air plants of course