Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What it Sold for: Prepping for the Rush

On-line sales generally take an upswing during this time of year so I am trying to pin daily and list more. Story of an e-Bayer - right?

Sold for $15
I originally bought these to keep but it turns out I don't make pie

Sold for $10 after upgrading to the blue depression ones last year. I think they were originally $2 5-6 years ago

Sold for $9 in about a week

Sold for $15 after many months
These old vintage kitchen things take forever to sell

Paid .25, sold for $6

Paid .75, sold for $10

Was this .50 or .75? Either way it sold for $20 cause owls are still cool

Paid $1, sold for $8 because everyone else has theirs on eBay too. Apparently no one is having Safari themed dinner parties anymore.

How did you do? Are you listing more than me?