Monday, October 12, 2015

That little kitchen is going to end up pricey!

As expected, my niece LOVED her Melissa & Doug kitchen! I called their 1-800 number this morning regarding the broken faucet and timer and explained how I'd broken it. They are going to ship a new pair in 1-2 weeks free of charge!

That is pretty amazing considering I broke both pieces AND I'd just purchased the set used at a church sale. Their products are pricey but you how can you argue with a warranty like that?

I picked up one of their cookie sets at Marshall's for $12 and she proceeded to "bake" so much I'm sure her dolls are all diabetic now.

I let her borrow my 1 quart Calphalon saucepan to "cook" because its the right size but she's only 2 so it was a bit heavier than I prefer.

This adorable set is made for her kitchen but cost $20.

This was around the same price but she has a basket full of fake food from CVS already.

These were the in-store offerings at Staples. The cupcake set uses real icing you need to wash off after every use. NO THANKS!

Isn't it funny how something can be on your peripheral and one day you just realize how neat it all is?