Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Silverry Kinda Day

Funnily enough I didn't realize today's purchases had a metallic theme until I grouped them for picture time.

$6 Hair Kit
$1 Necklace
.50 Nightlight
.50 Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe
.50 Teacher Baubble

This was in a box of random Christmas and I see the door wreaths but choose to ignore them. It doesn't have any markings but its pretty heavy.

I've had a fondness for malachite since flipping that bowl last summer. That was an excellent garage sale!

I pretended this was for my husband because I love seeing his panic look. In actuality its for my second grade niece's teacher, who I am told is the Nicest Teacher in the Whole World.

I was psyched to see this in the store.

Even though some jerk tore the paper to see what was inside. The shoppers at our store often have an ape's agility.

I have been cautiously ignoring our hens and chicks for a few months and they have gotten much larger. They aren't doubling or tripling every month like the internet claimed they would but they look good.

I suppose the next step is obvious.

cause I get an ounce of gardening confidence and next thing you know I want to open a garden shop!

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