Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Revlon's Customer Service Gets a Plus One from me

Funnily enough, just after yesterday's post regarding customer satisfaction, I received a package from Revlon. I'd purchased one of those fancy schmancy toe nail clippers at CVS at least five years ago and surprisingly it lasted until 2015!

I say surprisingly because the metal parts were actually silver plastic instead of the metal you'd expect in something designed to sever toe nails.

Since I knew it had a lifetime warranty I dropped it into the mail and sent it to Revlon's offices in NY (since it was the only address on the website). Apparently this was the wrong place since they forwarded the broken clipper to NC.

In less than a week I'd received this generic but super strong clipper in the mail:

If this thing ever breaks I better resign myself to trying out for the Guiness Toenail record!