Monday, October 26, 2015

Random Roundup - Internet Stuffs

GetHuman.Com now offers to wait through hold times and call you when a representative is available. I used it this morning after spending twenty minutes trying to reach a human regarding at Sears regarding a missing order.

Unfortunately the person who called me was from their appliance repair scheduling department - Fail. I called back the old fashioned way and waited through the prompts and hold times but left the above browser window open.

Guess what happened - Sears kept trying to call me back! Way to punk myself, Self.

Netflix has Design on a Dime! I'm so excited because I used to watch this at my old apartment about 6 years (and 4 homes) ago. I used to move a lot.

Best Buy is offering free shipping without any minimum from now until January 2nd! Way to acknowledge people who shop early! I haven't been to a BB in over a year since blu-rays have gotten dull but its nice to know this offer is out there. Best Buy is my Electronics Store Security Blanket.

Facebook now allows users to mark themselves "Safe" if they are in a danger zone. A few of my friends in Mexico were marking themselves safe which is so cool! I have family living on an island and bad weather is the norm down there. Immediate updates (assuming they have internet access) would do much to alleviate minds.

Walgreens has decided to buy Rite Aid - which really sucks! Walgreens rewards are terrible and their stores are already all over the place. Rite Aids are so pretty and organized and I have a 20% discount everyday. After all these years as a Gold Member I can't go back to being a Regular Shopper!


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

That's awesome about Design on a Dime. I used to get lots of frugal design ideas from that show. Do they also happen to have any of Candace Olsen's old shows? I loved her style!