Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pink Depression

Bummer - I dropped by the Salvation Army hoping to find more depression plates but found

Porcelain Knobs - 2.99
Watering can - 1.99
Vase - 1.99
Candy dish - .99
Pourable cup - .49

Its difficult for me to discern professional thrown pottery from stuff people made whilst drinking wine with friends. At least this one was signed.

Pink depression is pretty. This cup seemed like a good keeper idea but I don't think I share much these days.

I am going to keep this one in the basement to water my winter plants.

The one on the left was picked up last summer and I use it all the time. If you have indoor plants try to find a watering can with this type of spout!

I plan to replace the knobs on our built in dresser with these. I did the same in our spare bedroom last year and they look great!

I am talking vintage: