Sunday, October 4, 2015

Most of my furniture is moved by force of will

Its been a while since I visited the Goodwill but I was in the neighborhood and came home with:

in the backseat of my husband's car (cause fitting this inside a Sentra would have been impossible! Can you tell what it is?

an extremely heavy horizontal bookcase! It was $50 and I think it will look great as a buffet/sideboard in the basement dining room we've used twice in over two years. ;)

The room gets a decent amount of light and our plants successfully weathered the winter down there last year so I plan to house all the plants down there once its assembled.

I just need for the drill I ordered so I can assemble it and get it off the kitchen floor.

I also picked up Wii Play for $3.99 because I confused it with Wii Sports and thought my niece might like it. Unfortunately this is the one she doesn't like.

I am being a Thriftasaurus: