Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lets Rummage Around

I used to go to a church's monthly rummage sale last year and buy all sorts of stuff for VERY cheap. I don't think I ever flipped anything for a lot of money but its fun to look. They were closed all summer so I figured they had decided to stop hosting the sale.


Its back! They are going to be open every other weekend until spring. Look at all the stuff I got for ONLY $3! Of course, I didn't need any of it but still...what a bargain!

2 Costumes, 1 Crown, 6 Foam tombstones, 1 Happy Halloween tape - $3!

I'd just talked about a faux (obvy) grave site last week

We have these green Grim Reaper lights from Rite Aid we used last year which would look pretty cool in front of the tombstones - even if they don't match our costumes.

My nieces love wearing the crown I got them last year.

I originally picked this up to flip on eBay because they keep promising $10 if you sell something in their Halloween shop but it would fit the younger niece and is SO CUTE! I may keep it for dress up purposes.

This matches the costume I bought this summer so I kind of want to keep it for another year when we are slightly creepier.

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