Friday, October 9, 2015

Is MCM still a thing

I miss Mad Men and the shoppers it drew to my corner of eBay:

MCM Platter - 1.99
Planter - .99
Everything else - .49 each

This looks plastic but is actually metal. You know how they say touching something will make you want it more? I'm out .49 proving it

 This little change dish is adorable!

 Planters, planters

 I was debating this since Mad Men is over but eventually got swayed by the prettiness of it.

I have a set of three of these mugs which has been lingering for ages. I'm hoping the Otagiri name on this one prompts them to move.

 If I worked in an office I would ABSOLUTELY own one of these.

Is it a coaster? Is it a lid? Its a quirker!

I am vintagely inspiring:


kate steeper said...

The little change dish is actually a Scottish whisky quiche .....I'm such a bleeding know all I even annoy myself

kate steeper said...

Bleeding auto spell quiach

Anny said...

I can't believe you knew that! I'd never even heard the word before today!