Monday, October 5, 2015

Is it 2031? Cause my Phillips LED bulb burned out!

Back in 2011 I was a HUGE Unclutterer.Com fan. It was one of the sites I would check daily before even getting out of bed. Their 2011 gift guide suggested four electronic items and I ended up buying two of them!

Unfortunately one of them was this cute little Phillips LED bulb which should have lasted over 20 years but conked out Friday after barely four. Considering I'd paid over $20 for it I waited until their offices were open this morning and gave them a call at (800) 555-0050.

My model isn't being produced any longer (someone must have realized the bulbs were jarringly inattractive) but they are going to mail me a new one. All they needed was the serial number from the side of the bulb.

So next time your LED bulbs burn out try giving the makers a call. Judging by how quickly my "issue" was resolved I'm not the first questioning consumer.