Saturday, October 10, 2015

I bought so much stuff its going to need two posts!

Isn't it funny how experience gives perspective? I went to a church rummage sale about two years ago and remember it being an exciting Discount-O-Rama. I just looked at the post from that day and there weren't any good buys. Avon, Norman Rockwell - all fine to collect personally but lousy flippers.


I bought so much stuff the car kept advising me the "passengers" weren't wearing their seatbelts.

First up were the private sellers out doors. The first thing I bought was a $5 stove set for my nieces:

Unfortunately I snapped the faucet and timer getting it into the backseat of my husband's car:

I would have taken more care if I'd realized it was a $100 Melissa & Doug set! I'm going to call Monday and see if the broken pieces can be replaced.

This vase pair was marked A&A and cost $1. If I had to specialize in one thing on eBay it would be earthenware "stuff." Luckily for me A&A is a legitimate studio and not a profession of love.

That's all for today - I have to go through this before I can photograph and post:

Spoiler alert - this and what was in the front seat all cost $7 TOTAL!

I told Bella Rose about it:


Jackie Jardine said...

Oh My God. That stove set... is too cute. Nice find!
<3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting