Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hey want to get on my Melissa and Doug Bandwagon?

I was browsing the Melissa and Dough selection on-line when our two year old niece flipped out over:

As she is my niece, she has a tremendous sweet tooth!

I also ordered her these primary puzzles with sound. She likes them but there is a definite preference:

She isn't coordinated enough to push the pieces together yet but they all have velcro dots holding them in place anyway. The whole wooden cake sits on the grey tray.

I gave her the small bowls for her kitchen since they are lightweight and shatterproof. She is using regular tea spoons and spending a lot of time feeding icing to small princesses.

The puzzles use two AAA batteries and small light cells to detect when a letter is placed in the correct slot. They are adorable and she can do the numbers one quite quickly. I was disappointed by the numbers one:

because as you can see the graphics are off-centered and on some letters cut off. At almost $17 each I'd expect more care.

I'll probably complain - but wait for the replacement faucet to arrive first. No need to over-populate my complaints file!