Friday, October 2, 2015

Angela Clayton is a Genius!

This Halloween I'm dressing up as Elsa from Frozen. I bought this costume at Kmart:

and went on-line seeking ideas on how I could make it light up. I found:


I kept reading and guess what? The seamstress is a self-taught 17 year old! Her blog is quite clever and full of different ways she copes with mistakes through the learning process.

According to her blog she is working on a portfolio so she can get a job as a costumer. I'd hire just based on her blog.

I was excited to see she'd created her own Elsa costume: Until I read this part: "Over a hundred thousand rhinestones were hand applied across the ten yards of material to create snow flake designs."

My costume needs to be ironed but I've chosen to let it hang in the doorway for over a week hoping the wrinkles come out.

Spoiler Alert: They haven't.