Thursday, September 10, 2015

Inspiration Thursday: Purple but a tad Racist

I picked this clearanced plant labelled Purple Queen at Lowes today. Google insists it also goes by "Purple Heart" and "Wandering Jew."

Some folks consider it a weed because it prefers dry soil and apparently propagates by runners. If I realized how perfect it was for the slope between our houses I may have picked up a couple more! We are in for a rainy few days so hopefully it will put down some roots and begin planning for 2016 before cold kills it off.

I may root a piece in water to keep in door - just in case the outdoors stuff doesn't decide to come back.

Pictures like this had me concerned it would become an eyesore of tangled purple.

I like this zinnia pairing.

This one brought back my desire for a purple expanse.

Hopefully in a few years ours will fill in just like this. Wether we can make our grass this green is a different tale.

This creeping jenny pairing is striking.

I even like it indoors with this mother in law's tongue. Ours is barely holding on though so I'm not going to plant anything else near it!