Thursday, September 3, 2015

Inspiration Thursday: Plant Stuff, as usual

I just bought these ridiculously heavy, frost resistant set of planters at Lowes. They may look small, but trust me - they're huge and unwieldy in their heaviness!

The largest one was $12.50
Middle $7.50
Small $6.25

In light of my recent plant purchases I am leaning towards the pink hibiscus at top and a dusty miller paired with a hosta in the middle. The shallower one doesn't know what it wants yet.

I just found out yesterday our town has a compost heap and I woke up early to go over but its 11am and already about 85 degrees. Its hard to be motivated when even looking outside causes sunburn.

I like this colorful trio because of its shallow bowl. This is a two week at the beginning of spring arrangement though. I need less maintenance!

Pretty but strictly annual unless you live somewhere tropical. Lowes sells a lot of lustrous black pots.

Annuals. I could do wave petunias next year.

Finding planter trios was surprisingly difficult.