Thursday, September 24, 2015

Remember the gravestones from The Others? Creepy

Down the block from my husband's old apartment there was a cute little house which made over its front lawn into a mock graveyard every October. They had clever little names on the tombs, fake body parts, cobwebs - very snazzy. I used to love walking by!

I'd like to do something similar at our house but our nieces are extreme Fraidy Cats and we're dressing up like Frozen characters so it won't fit our theme but that doesn't mean I can't google.

They have to be brave some year - right!?

I think these guys put down sacks but it would be easier to drop a bunch of compost....then spread it around afterwards!

This cracks me up! 

Ima Goner and Barry A Live are my faves!

Some other good ones are:

Yul B Next
Phil Dirt
K.A. Put
C. Yalater
I. Slipt
Myra Mains
Rustin Peece
Stella Live
Xavier Breath
M. T. Tomb
Kay Davver
Otta B. Alive
Paul Tergeist
Yetta Nother

Is that dry ice!? These guys win!