Saturday, September 12, 2015

Garage Sale Freebies

I stopped by a garage sale on the way to the podiatrist this morning and was given these two:

They are a bit aged but shiny and I like shiny. I can already picture trailing foliage.

I also picked up a bunch of the $1 mums from Depot (although Lowes has them for the same price).

My neighbor has a cute lawn cut out full of flowers and now that I have a tiller I want to do the same. The mums in the backyard grow at least three feet wide so this year's plantings will look sparse but next year? Glorious Color Cacophany! (hopefully)

Mums are great filler and so cheap! The smallest hostas were 3/$2.49 so I hope once the soil dries I can get them all in the ground.

Sadly, less than ten days after I found out the town has a compost heap, I was talking about it with my neighbor and it appears to be a finite source. I assumed it was created year round but from what she said it may only appear in the fall. This means I need to get there as soon as the rain lets up and scoop up as much as I can for my front lawn garden!