Saturday, August 29, 2015

WOW Our most successful garage sale to date!

Our niece made $90 yesterday - AFTER the $10 garage sale permit. It was all quantity because the most expensive thing we sold all day was  $5 bike which had probably been in the garage since 1998.

I sold eBay duds and a few annual plants in containers I didn't like. Since it wasn't stuff I'd purchased first hand in a store I was able to price everything much lower and we sold about 85% of everything! It was great because yesterday you could barely walk through the garage and today you couldn't even tell we'd had rejects.

Today we made about $180 and since there isn't anything left to sell won't be setting up tomorrow. Its a good thing too because I'm EXHAUSTED! Its so warm outside.

I am sad to report our awesome Staples signs have gone MIA. They were weighed down with bricks and were completely gone. I was worried I'd broken some type of advertising ordinance but wouldn't have the police officer come by to say so? Our address was right on them.

In happier news today was very windy and it looks like my car sign was flying away. Someone came out and put hardcore peace sign duct tape on it. What a kind deed!