Sunday, August 23, 2015

Visiting the Montclair Museum

Funnily enough I lived in Montclair for two years before visiting their museum ( Well, now all the local libraries have free day passes to visit so my nieces and I went to look:

They were in love with these creepy little indigenous dolls

and the two year old wanted to try on all the native garb baby clothes

the seven year old insisted I send her mom this photo of the jewelry display

and both fell in love with this sculpture

although I must admit I was preoccupied by the ceiling.

Its a pretty small museum and while both girls liked it I don't think they're capable of understanding the skill required to create art. The older one made me nervous because she would want to point something out within a hair's breadth.

We were probably out of there within an hour (shameful, I know) but I'd like to go back next month when they have their Eric Carle exhibit. The older one may be more interested in that one.