Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stop being needy eBay!

eBay woke me up this morning but I opted for going back to sleep instead of answering.

They called back a few hours later trying to sell me on opening an eBay store (YET AGAIN)! I anticipated the reason for the call since eBay thinks all its money should come from subscription fees.

Its a business model I understand - after all my husband and I pay monthly gym fees and go about once a week. If eBay can convince a ton of people to give them $20 a month they will be able to upgrade office decor and hand out larger bonuses without having to do anything new on their end.

Yet, as usual, I said my eBay sales drop whenever I open a store. The cs rep sounded shocked, as they always do, and asked when was the last time I had a store. Thanks to my blog I remembered it was only two months ago.

So she thanked me and hung up.

I don't know why my numbers always drop when I have a store. I've sat through the conference calls and been advised by their reps. My honest belief is eBay sends more sales to people without stores, hoping they will upgrade and not notice the difference.

Nice try eBay but if you want more money from me its going to have to come from your fees on my sold percentages. Market and sell more of my stuff and I will happily give you more money.