Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sun Joe Tiller Review

Staples sells the most oddball things but because of their free ink money and incredible coupons its often cheaper to purchase directly from them. I bought this great little Sun Joe Tiller tiller for $127.99 but used coupons and rewards to only pay $20!

I bought it to dig up the area by our back fence. Our neighbor's weeds keep crawling through and biting bugs loved living under those pieces of wood the previous owners left behind.

Assembly was simple although attaching the handles took a bit of elbow grease.

Soon rocks and grass and everything in between was churning. The tiller preferred admirably and diced several roots before getting this rock lodged. It was so tight I had to unplug everything and hit the rock with another rock to get it loose!

One pass kicked up the soil.

Three passes left me with a legitimate planting bed!

I know there is a lot of controversy regarding tilling and destroying the ground's ecosystem but I am a flower gardener. Veggies are too much work and we barely have worms in our soil. I'm hoping amending to keep flowers happy will improve the overall soil quality back there.

I was very impressed by the tiller and would recommend and use it again. It was fast, relatively quiet and STRONG! I was done within twenty minutes including running back to get my safety goggles (its VERY rocky soil).