Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Oh Amazon, everyone fails sometimes

Oh guys, today is Amazon's birthday and they took the opportunity to try and unload a bunch of junk unto prime members. I'm not a prime member but my brother is so I peeked in a few times without seeing anything interesting.

Neither did the rest of the internet cause check out twitter:

 Some of my quick faves (cause its too late to read a ton and laugh even more):

Remember when Peppermint Patty went to Charlie Brown's house expecting turkey, but got popcorn and toast? Its kinda like that!

The only Prime we acknowledge is Optimus

At least on Black Friday you can go to the store and punch someone to get the items you want.  

It's like Christmas, but with only gifts your grandma would get you.

Thanks for reminding us that there is a day more disappointing than Monday.

With all the sweet deals on 55-gallon trash bags and duct tape, has been great for the serial killer community

Better luck next year!