Thursday, July 9, 2015

Inspiration Thursday: Calibrachoa (Million Bells) Plant

I bought a couple of million bells plants the other day in one of those pre-arranged planters from the clearance section at Lowes. It was described as a "spiller" plant so I tucked one into my tallest planter and let it flower.

Since then I've learned they are more filly than spilly:

This one was probably trimmed because a lot look like:

How ridiculous is that?! Martha Stewart's twin must be maintaining it.

Mine are red but they come in various colors.

When plantfully-paired they are often used as the "filler" portion at the base of a taller plant.

Although no one has ever said fillers must be kept INSIDE the container. This picture affects me like pictures of kittens and unicorns reached me in first grade.

Petunia pairings look pretty nifty. Million bells are sometimes called Mini Petunias and seem to fill in the flower gaps.

Those monochromatic planters feature white petunias and white calibrachoa.

I am slightly more colorful and plan to relocate my red million bells to the bottom of my tree hibiscus. My regular petunias can Big Plant the newbies and once they fill in they should look amazing.

Thanks internet for helping me appear to have a much better eye for design and horticulture!

I told Mrs. Olson about it:


Laura Lane said...

Million bells are oh so beautiful.
I don't have any this year, but I'm enjoying my Petunias.

Please drop by and say hello!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Have a Daily said...

I love Million Bells and often plant them as the spillers at the edge of my pots. I did just buy a pot of just them on clearance at Walmart as well. Your photos are truly an inspiration! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.