Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Around the Garden

July is underway and things are finally blooming! The first thing I do each morning is open my kitchen window and see if there are any new blooms to be seen.

After one of the toughest prunes I've ever performed the little hibiscuses are flowering - sometimes doubly! I think I killed one of the stems on one of the plants so we'll see what develops. I think if outdoor hibiscus ever developed spider mites in the future I would let nature handle it.

The larger $10 hibiscus plant got moved to one of the Lowes clearance pots with some clearance petunias at the base. I know its advised not to plant thirsty annuals at the base of these trees but I don't plan to overwinter this one. Plus it will look pretty once it fills in!

Part of the reason I don't want to overwinter is because while the blooms are gorgeous they are way too heavy for the stems and end up facing down until they drop off. I don't know if a healthier plant would be stronger or if this one was just ill-fated from being kept in a gallon sized container until I bought it.

I've been using the thrift store basin to grow seedlings. These are Slacker Petunias because others from this batch have been planted around already. Its not too deep and I have it positioned to maximize sunlight so seeds really seem to thrive here.

Speaking of thrive this was one Oopsie wave petunia from Lowes. ONE! I think they're normally $2 or $2.50 at Lowes although I saw them at ShopRite for $1 last month. Wave petunias don't need to be deadheaded and require your utmost negligence to bloom. I think its worth investing in these next year - even at REGULAR PRICE!

Ignore the begonia on the ground - we've had tremendous rainstorms and fragile petals hate those.

I bought another oopsie plant the other day because I wanted the pot and it had a few sad little Million Bells plants along the sides. They've since perked up and bloomed although I can't figure out if they self-deadhead.

One of the plants is chilling with some coleus in my new plant stand. My dad's tenants moved out and left it behind so I bought it home tout suite! Look at how perfectly my .50 planter fits into the top! I was hoping the million bells plant would spill over the side but so far its growing straight up.

Can you see this week's lantern at the bottom? I propped up a regular old solar light inside and it looks fine but I'm not sold on this location.

I don't know if my hens and chicks are growing. I think they are?

Speaking of succulents, I bought two of these baskets at Lowes for $3. They were originally $30 and featured half dead plants. The material is not wood or plastic - maybe some type of resin? I put all the living ones in one container and will use the other to replace my Dollar Tree hanging basket:

The birds have been decimating it in order to (presumably) build nests. I don't want to blame the construction but similar liners from Lowes have fared decently.

Lastly, I planted some zinnias and nothing has eaten them (yet). Last year they were eaten a day into their planting so hopefully my neighbors have much tastier vittles to keep critters entertained!

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