Monday, July 13, 2015

Anny: The Name Speech

I'm taking a class on Public Speaking this summer at Ye Olde Community College and our first assignment is a two minute speech on the history of our name. Since I love my name and need to hand in the assignment anyway I may as well blog it up first!

This is the guy who inspired my a beret and denim vest

Back in the 70s my dad probably weighed about what I weigh now, had an afro and a sweet mustache. He also had a friend with a guitar and considered himself quite the romantic. Whenever he fancied a lady he and his friend would drop by for a good old fashioned serenade. Its a good thing this was before the advent of internet, surround sound blu-rays and central air in his town or no one would had heard them!

Unfortunately this was also before the iconic 80s boombox or much more versatile iPods came into play, so he worked with what he had.

And what he had?

was a friend with a very limited song repertoire. From what I've heard "Anny" by Leonardo Favio was the only "romantic" song he knew so my dad made do. I once asked him if he just ignored girls with longer names or forced a rhyme but he just laughed.

This question remains one of my life's mysteries.

Anyway, by the time he met Mom and her two syllable nickname, thus ending his wild serenading days, he still hadn't met a person named Anny so I guess he just decided to make one.

Now the story of my middle name - Ayersy - is much more pedestrian. My mother was a fan of a Cuban hair styling show which aired on Sundays. The host would often use a model named Ayersy.

Thus my initials became AAA and a tremendous roadside assistance childhood sticker collection was sparked.


I need to practice it because I'm a much better writer than speaker (who could say "ended his wild serenading days" without cracking up?) and to make sure I'm about the right length. I also need to buffer for talking too quickly.