Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What it sold for: it was a List it and Forget it kind of week

I told my husband someone must have turned on the light in my eBay shop because I got rid of 10 ebayables and 2 half.coms this week!

Sold for $15

Sold for $7

Paid $1.49, sold for $8

I think .29 each, sold lot for $10

Sold for $15

Sold for $12

Vintage Tommy - paid .25, sold for $7

Paid .25, sold for $7

Sold for $10

Free from my husband, sold for $15

With the exception of the clothes everything else has been sitting around for months. I have 270 active listings and probably another 40ish waiting to be listed. I think my goal will be to pare stuff down. I have purchased so much cool MCM stuff but eBay is saturated with it and its bulky to store.

Obviously the first step is to buy less (check), then I guess tweak my prices over the summer and later garage sale or donate some of the larger duds. eBay is making it harder to maintain larger amounts of inventory and the eBay room is a disaster.

Ironically, I've never liked selling clothing because people complain of high return rates but I guess my prices are so low people just keep them. .25 into $7 isn't a great profit but the turnover is fast. The downside of clothing is I don't know where its been and I don't want to store a bunch of used textiles in my house.

The little thrift store closes next week for the summer so I won't have access to a bunch of clothing and that will give me time to pare down over the summer.


laura sampson said...

I love a random spate of ebay sales they make me happy but then I run right out and drag home 10 things for each ONE I sold : )