Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Store Closes Next Week!

The store closes over the summer so prices are ridiculously low right now just trying to get things out the door. In spite of this folks are still donating much more interesting things!

The internet better not be lying about selling blank VHS tapes cause I own seven now!

The left pin is for my winter coat but what about the right pin?

It looks signed but it also looks like a thrift store .99 price tag BUT the sharpie signature is also under the pin. What do you think? I tried searching for clown pin and painted face but no luck.

This little brass bowl caught my eye.

This is my third Delft piece this year.

Last week's planter was still puttering around the kitchen so I think I will revise my bowl auction and lot them together. Delft is pretty but I don't need to collect it.

.50 - how could I not!? Have you heard my rant about people overpaying for flower arrangements when they can just buy thrift store vases and stick a regular bouquet in them? Well now you have!

These uber heavy sun catchers caught my eye with their bright colors. I will probably stick them in the dirt..

I'm pretty sure the basket is from the Dollar Tree because I just bought one the other day. Just as well - I'd rather buy a smaller $1 liner from them than the $3 larger one from Lowes. The small tea light holder is from Crate and Barrel - a store I own a lot of junk from in spite of never visiting. I must be a thrifter!

Even though its designed for tea lights I put in a Dollar Tree solar light instead. Then I suspended it over a hanging planter where it looks great (and a lot like this one I posted last year.):

I am sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays: where she is discussing using the "good plates" on a regular day. My husband and I mix his pre-marriage plates with my six thrifted glass ones from 2009. Even though they were only $2 I used to think they were fancy and would save them for special occasions. Then I realized how foolish I was being and craigslisted my main set and kept these six. Ironically they are probably more durable than the ones I'd been using for everyday!