Sunday, June 7, 2015

So those Dollar Tree shepherd's hooks? Meh.

Remember how excited I was to find shepherd's hooks at the Dollar Tree last week? Spoiler Alert: They are only worth about a dollar so I am glad the ones from Amazon were already on their way!

The shorter one on the left was from the Dollar Tree and the taller one was $8.44 at Amazon. I was shocked by how easy it was to slide the taller, thicker hook into the ground. It was so much work getting ground staples in last week I expected to hammer these in too.

If you zoom in and look at the bottom you will see the smaller hook is barely in the ground but the tall one is fully in. This was with the most minimal pushing effort, I didn't even stand on it! By comparison the one from the Dollar Tree started bending when I tried to wedge it in.

Oddly enough Amazon didn't mention their hook was hand made - they love to play up that kind of stuff! This feels like forged piece metal while the one from the Dollar Tree is probably rubber coated wire.

The back pole is slightly longer (for stabilization) and squared off. The front one is rounded. 

Against my better judgement I got the Dollar Tree hook into the ground and put my new Hen and Chicks plant into the Dollar Tree basket and hung it up. You can imagine what happened next - soil and upended chicks everywhere!

I ended up juggling stuff around (happens a lot in the garden) and hanging it from one of the Lowe's hooks instead.

Aside: The hen and chicks are supposedly perennial in our area and cost $4.50ish at Home Depot. I am hoping they spread as quickly as the internet claims they will.

I hung a sad batch of little plants from one of the nice Amazon hook. Call me superstitious but whenever I have under-performing plants all I have to do it put them in a place of honor and they start thriving again. I'm rooting for you guys!

I'm also giving that basket the side eye. I know it only cost $1 but look at how weird the coco liner looks inside. You guys came from the same place - play better together!

As to the Dollar Tree hooks - I am using two to hold up those solar lights I picked up at Stop and Shop last year. I'd say each weighs about a pound.

I am trying to suspend last week's pot from another hook but between the petunia, soil and pot I'd place this at closer to two pounds and the hook is definitely bulging a little. This does not appear to be a permanent spot so I haven't even hung crystals from it.

How are your yardigan adventures?