Monday, June 15, 2015

Plenti's Phone Number and General Hogwash

Rite Aid used to have a smoothly functioning rewards program for ages. If there was ever an issue it could be resolved with one call.

Well last month they handed the rewards program over to Plenti, run by AMEX and Its underwhelming.

Here's their ridiculously hard to find phone number: 1-855-753-6841

and I wish you luck having anything resolved.

I had an issue with $10 in missing points on May 30th and e-mailed twice about it without a response. I finally got through to a live phone representative who said they are swamped, staying late, etc etc but just very backlogged at the moment. She didn't even want to look up my information to see if it was in the queue!

Your company belong to AMEX, you guys can afford to hire some temps and get stuff done!