Saturday, June 6, 2015

Oh Lowe's You've Discounted Plants Again!

Look at what I got from Lowes:

2 Gallon Azaleas - $1 each (!!!)
Coleus "mostly there" pack - $3

See the bright pink coleus in the corner? How could I resist?

I also picked up a pack of "mostly there" pansies - $1

I bought a similar pack last month and they are ready to spill out of the planter. I'm pretty sure its a "wave pansy" which means it will deadhead itself and trail all over the place. The more common pansies mound. Let's cross our fingers this new batch waves too!

Its funny that Lowes discounts azaleas as soon as they stop blooming. This is a picture of my azalea from last year. I let the dried up blooms fall off on their own so they look just as tired right now. The foliage is still pretty.

Now that I've figured out how to dig up sod I want to dig a small garden into our front lawn. Mowing and watering is a buzzkill but plants are not! I am considering a pair of azaleas, a hydrangea and something like this in the background to anchor and also give me something to decorate at Christmas:

Lowes has repeat bloom hydrangeas for $15 or $16 I am debating. Its been raining almost daily so I'm not in a rush to dig up the lawn and who knows? They may go on sale by the time I am ready to buy.

This Purple Queen caught my eye but it said Annual. Odd for such a strong looking plant.

This perennial trio was SO TALL! And so gorgeous!

I may need a larger plant budget.