Thursday, June 18, 2015

Inspiration Thursday: Concrete/Cement/Whatevs

Hey remember last fall when I put some leftover cement in a disposable cup and called it art? No?

How could you forget this!?

Its been outside since last year and surprisingly nothing has gone wrong with it. It survived both the  Snowmagedden AND Monsoon of 2015 without a chip or fade. It almost gives me the confidence to try:

I like the off-centered ones the most.

I guess they skim coated and etched while still wet - like writing your name in wet pavement but more socially acceptable.

I was wondering how they made these round ones so smooth:

Turns out they used one of those hollow glass bowls from the 80s and just filled the void with cement! I'd be scared of breaking the glass.

So let's say you though filling a glass bowl was lame. How do you feel about filling a rubber doll head instead? 

Appreciating the bowl now more, right?

Hypertufa sounds like a delicious dessert but its just soaking fabric in "cement water" then fashioning it into art or (most commonly) a planter. This one was draped over a bucket, I wager.

Man I wish I were a woodworker.

This one is really neat - see it at the front of the picture below:

Isn't it weird when a vignette like this is in someone's yard? It makes me think of death in a Victorian novel - as if someone had a wonderful torrid tryst here and died of the plague two days later so their heartbroken partner refused to move anything away and even let the cushions decay.

Or maybe it just belongs to someone who likes rust. To each their own!