Thursday, June 11, 2015

Inspiration Thursday: Petunias

When my 22 year old cousin was a baby I used to call her "Petunia" because I'm a lousy nicknamer. Luckily for her she already had a two syllable nickname which stuck.

As you guys know I am a happy little novice gardener with internet access. This means I look up all my plants then save the best pictures. Gardening is equal parts patience and anticipation.

Judging by how quickly sweet potato vines and petunias grow this probably took a week to fill in LOL I really love this combination but unless these are the fancy new wave self-deadheaders this color combination would be impossible to maintain all summer.

These guys cheated by placing potted petunias behind planted ones for height but who cares? Its gorgeous!

I don't know if this is a potted petunia inside a tub or if its planted in there.

Their trailiness makes them well suited for repurposed chandys - does anyone still use these are actual light sources!?

The same lady suspended the chandy under a table for a photo shoot. Odd but if the top were glass this would make one cool outdoor table.

This little doohickey costs almost $200 ( Know why?

People stick potted petunias in them and pretend to have a Rare Petunificus Tree. Too rich for $25 worth of plants but event planners should be forced to cart these around.

Here is my wave petunia. I am happy to report it has been deadheading itself, as advertised. I'm trying to convince it to spill from the front of the container but so far its been strong-willed.

My petunias in a pitcher experiment continues. These aren't wave petunias so their tendency will be to mound instead of spill.  I will continue watching and possibly replace this later on. *clipboard away*