Thursday, June 4, 2015

Inspiration Thursday: Lights (again)

Man I went through months without an Inspiration Thursday but as soon as spring hits I want to DO ALL THE THINGS!

I may have posted this one before. If I ever get my large planters going I will try it with solar lights.

That must be one tall hook!

I love how inventive people get when it comes to hanging lights.

I think I would remove everything but the top black portion of the lights. The plastic casing and black base are distracting. If the lights slide around just glue the top on!

I'm a sucker for techy looking stuff!

This is a good example of working with what you have. If you happen to have hurricanes in the right size these would be gorgeous hanging from a tree.

This one looks super elegant because it matches everything so well. I forget outdoors stuff can be muted and sans foliage!

I think this one is indoors although the caption said solar light. Very pretty.

Similar to my Umbrellas in Planters post - street lights in planters! This planter looks like a pre-fab doohickey but its still cute.

Someone took one of the Dollar Tree Christmas lights and made this adorable stand.

They sell patriotic ones too which would be just as easy to customize. Have the tag say Happy Birthday USA or something as pleasant.

Here is a random Halloween one. I really like how they disguised the base of the light with black fringe.