Wednesday, June 10, 2015

in a Hens & Chicks state of Mind

Ever since buying my very first hens and chicks plant last week I've been googling ideas for what to do with my (promised) future chicks. Then I went into the thrift store and stuff happened:

Most of this is either staying outside or going in the dishwasher so I unpacked it all outside.

Well, first I had a sandwich sitting on the new chair and admiring my plant. Is it my imagination or has it already grown? I'm glad you see it too.

I'm uncertain about re-purposing this old colander as a plant holder. A lot of people like them due to the built-in drainage and interesting patina but my tastes run more modern. We'll see.

This gorgeous candle holder is definitely going to house hens and chicks. It can hold just enough soil and the brass is tarnished in a few places so its not too precious to fill with dirt and run water over.

These are for eBay. I think the platters are Indiana glass although the mugs are marked USA. I was losing the light by this time so you can't tell but the platters are less translucent than the mugs.

Keepers include an industrial ice cream scoop, like we used to use at Friendly's, a brass pedestal candle holder, battery operated candle and a metal box. Why any of that?

Why not?

This pretty little retro bowl had a few chips but nothing dangerous. Judging by its colors its older than I am so who am I to judge?

On Saturday I'd put two orphan chicks in the ground and when I went to dig one up to put in this bowl it already had a mini, mini chick. See it in the top right corner? Its probably less than half my pinky nail in size.

I planted it with dirt from the arid corner of our yard because these are desert plants who disdain water. NOW GROW!

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