Friday, June 5, 2015

I found shepherd's hooks at Dollar Tree!

I just posted last week about wanting shepherd's hooks although I've been talking about them for about a year! The universe has become much lazier about putting stuff in my path since Amazon became a thing.

I gave up on finding them locally and ordered a pair from Amazon. As soon as I got the shipping notice I found some at the Dollar Tree! They were stuck under the fake flower section - not the gardening or wedding (yes they have a wedding) section.

Update: I reviewed the hooks here: (Spoiler Alert - they suck)

These little tin decorations were made to be hung from the hooks.

Although they are also selling them with their own wires if that's your thing. Aside - the Dollar Tree has a ton of hula outdoor party junk. Are hula parties a thing?

As always, I was tempted by their selection of white planters.

This was my planter area in mid-May and most of those plants are already too large for the containers. I moved the salvia into the ground last week. I keep thinking this area would look better if I replaced the owl and red container with understated white ones.

So in the end I bought 4 shepherd's hooks and one silver solar light. Did you know you're supposed to remove the batteries when storing solar lights over the winter?

Two of our solar lights bit the dust and I tried recharging them with a regular charger meant for rechargeable batteries:

That seemed to work and they even lit up:

but once the charge wore off it didn't continue recharging from the sun.