Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hey there, long time no see!

We closed up the little thrift shop for the summer and on my way home I dropped by the Salvation Army:

Pyrex - 1.99
Planter - 1.99
Dansk - 1.99
Batter Bowl - .99
Fire King Mugs - .49 each

Hear that sound? Its the sound of my pancake game going up a level! I've always wanted a batter bowl and it being Fire King makes it that much sweeter!

This is dishwasher damaged right? The fading is so consistent I couldn't decide so I just decided to pick it up and try to dump it locally.

I was JUST talking about umbrella planters last month when I decided to put cuttings in a bundt pan. Spoiler Alert: they died. 

So I replaced the plants with some annuals, threw a solar light in the middle, covered it with a glass "thing" and called it a day. Then it rained and mud seeped out the bottom.

Sure, I could run out and move it every time it rains but who wants to live life like that? Not I, internet buds. Not I.

The Dansk was so grody I almost left it but then decided it would look amazing full of hens and chicks.

Of course one application of Barkeeper's Friend removed almost every scuff so now I plan to put it on eBay instead.

Such is life.

In news of things I didn't buy:

Don't you love these ruffle bowls? Someone even drilled a hole in the center already! I picked it up to see if it was marked (no) and a lady next to me said the center was for a candle. I just nodded and put it back down. I haven't managed to sell the Fenton marked one I have, forget buying unmarked stuff!

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Kimberly Hutmacher said...

I heart Bar Keepers Friend. That pan looks awesome!

Monica said...

Agree on the Bar Keepers Friend! Also is the ruffle bowl possibly actually a vintage light fixture cover? Or maybe part of a tiered bowl set?