Monday, June 1, 2015

Garage salers sometimes give rides

Back in college I was waitressing at a Friendly's and didn't have a car. This meant lots of waiting for buses and working on tans whilst waiting. Well one Sunday when I got out and there was a sign advertising a garage sale down the block. I sauntered down and they were selling a full eight piece set of dishware - so complete it even had a gravy boat!

Now this was about twenty years ago and dollar stores hadn't made their advent into cheap housewares yet. I was going to dorm and needed dishes. This was a HUGE box (did I mention the gravy boat) for something ridiculous like $10.

I played up the poor college kid angle and got a ride home from one of the sellers - saving myself about $2 in bus fare to boot.

That was a good day.

Well this Saturday I bought this great outdoor chair for only $20 (I KNOW!) less than a mile from home but couldn't get it in my car. Luckily one of the sellers had a hatchback and kindly offered to drive it home. It was close to 3pm and the price had been dropped already. Outdoor furniture is pricey and rattan is popular - I'm shocked it was still there!

Well on Sunday this little cutey came over to paint on last year's easel. Unfortunately she got some paint on the seat cover (see that dot near the front?) but they are washable.

We are in the middle of monsoon season so my hammock has gotten drenched. I'll probably toss both the hammock and the covers in the wash once it passes. Either that or flip the cushion - both viable plans!

I am talking Vintage: