Monday, June 8, 2015

Apartment Therapy: Upgrade a window's view assignment

About a week and a half ago I thought I had seasonal allergies so I took Zyrtec. Then my husband got sick so off to the doc we went. Nothing major - just a respiratory infection which would be knocked out by anti-inflammatory stuff and antibiotics. We spent a lot of the last week watching the rain and napping while getting better.

This weekend the weather was FINALLY nice enough to do some yard work but it might have been a bad idea. I got a pulsing headache on my left (deaf) side last night and its lingered in spite of migraine meds, rest and wishful thinking. My left side feels so heavy and now my jaw and temple are numb. I have a follow-up tomorrow at 1pm and am trying not to project too much. 

Anyway, its been a while since I took part in any of the Apartment Therapy assignments because its spring and my focus has shifted outside. This weekend's assignment ( was to improve a window's view and its something we'd been back-burnering while getting better:

Excuse the fuzziness - this was shot through the kitchen window screen into the backyard. As soon as I get up in the mornings I open these curtains to see what is blooming. Don't you hate how quickly a small area can become overly messy?

To dos:
Put away the niece's easel from last week
Better situate the azaleas and coleus until I can do some hardcore planting
Plant those stonecrop cuttings from last month
Trim the scraggly cherry tree
Put out the rest of the solar lights
Try out last year's ottoman in front of the new chair
Finish assembling the hose reel
Recycle all the cardboard from said reel
Loop hose unto aforementioned reel (currently in a pile under this window)
Edge and rubber mulch under the tree

Shockingly enough most of this got knocked out Saturday and Sunday between rainstorms and naps. Hubby finished setting up the hose reel so that quickly knocked out three of the things:

Its the from Amazon. I was hesitant because its so expensive but he pointed out it was better to spend more once instead of replacing a $30 one every year. I appreciate his long-term investments in the house since I tend to thrift everything.

I went outside around 7pm on Saturday (gotta love these long days) and edged around the back and under the tree:

See how tiny the original ring around the tree was? I dug the border out about two feet and took away the blocks. Luckily the previous home owners didn't cement anything down. 

Isn't it funny how there was JUST ENOUGH shade for me to work under the tree? If I'd made it even a foot wider I would have been in the sun.

Rubber mulch border in place! I ran out of energy Saturday night so I left the border out to lay down Sunday. This turned out to be a lucky happenstance because the sun made the rubber way more malleable and following this curve was a piece of cake:

I got nine John Creech Stonecrop cuttings in the ground and in about two years this sparse little area will be overgrown! I also set up the solar lights from Stop and Shop and moved around the salvia (again). The azaleas and coleus are hanging in the shade until I feel strong enough to dig up the lawn and plant them.

So while the view has improved its not perfect - I want to put away the bricks, hose off the cement, etc etc - little stuff which I expected to spend fifteen minutes on today but I'm scared to go outside until the doc gives me the ok tomorrow. I don't want to needlessly hang around outside and then have him say my face is numb because I've been hanging under trees.

Wish me luck!