Sunday, June 14, 2015

a Facebookian Garage Sale

Do you belong to any facebook garage sale groups? I used to belong to a couple but pared it down to the one for my city. Of course this city is sprawling so its not always "local."

Anyway, I picked up two metal plant stands for $15 today - not a spectacular deal but I have a lot of potted plants and these are sturdy. I plan to put the round one in the living room and leave the square one outside.

Aren't brown preserved flowers so sad? They are attached from below the glass with clear contact paper. Unfortunately that paper is gummier than the bottom of a Sunday school desk so I will probably need a gallon of goop off. Depending on how much work it turns out to be I may just ignore the one staying outside.

The lady was also running a garage sale so I bought 3 .50 cookbooks.

So she mentioned putting something of hers on eBay so I did my usual prying and it turns out she mostly sells clothing - BORING! She kept talking a big game but it turns out she only has about 20 active listings at a time.

How cute.

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laura sampson said...

omg hahhahahha 20 listings how 'cute' that's hilarious!
there is truly nothing more sad than a brown dead pressed flower--scrape those nasty things off!