Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Winding Down Sales

The little thrift shop follows the school calendar so we close on June 11th. Things are starting to get busy as customers come in looking for those last minute deals!

Purse - 1.50
Sprinkler - 1
Barbie & Some Clothes - 1
Blouse - .50
Glasses - .25

 The serial number checks out but I don't believe it.

I'm focusing on the base and saying it should match up more.

I was looking at these last week and just decided to get them. I guess the kitchen is in its "Bursting Out" stage.

I like this fabric and I want to make the shirt into something cool.

Did you see that eBayer who models all his small tchokes with a Barbie a la Vanna White? I will update if I find them again. Its hilariously well done.

I can't center our current oscillating sprinkler and its driving me bonkers. I spend more time fiddling with the controls than I spend watering! Hopefully this one will be easier to control.

My husband just ordered this one from Sears so I hope its easy to use too. I want one to leave permanently on the front lawn and one to move around the backyard (its L shaped).

So those were my finds for the week. Barbie and her stuff will probably go on eBay as an auction and the rest is for keeps. Well maybe not the purse, I am still on the fence as to whether its even a legitimate bag.

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